A  team of experts to optimise your marketing, sales & customer experience.

Our Team.

A hive of experts, consultants & coaches    to help you succeed.

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts in marketing, sales and customer experience. We work together to build and implement a strategy to attract, convert and retain your clients. Our purpose is to help you to develop your business.  That’s why we bring together experts from diverse fields of expertise, working seamlessly together to meet your unique business needs.  By complementing each other’s knowledge and sharing our work methodologies, we’re able to deliver exceptional results for businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.

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Beehive's team
Some of our experts

Sales, Marketing, Communication, Engineers.

Our raison d’être.

Why Beehive was created ? 

At some point in our lives, we needed to align our values with the way we wanted to collaborate with our clients: with respect, honesty & integrity, empathy and to bring high-added value with a tailor-made approach.

Our passion is providing expert support to businesses seeking growth, with a commitment to maximizing value for our clients.

Therefore, we decided to bring together experts with solid complementary expertises to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients. 

The name Beehive was obvious. It refers to the bee colony, where each bee has its expertise and they collaborate to create a unique and remarkable product.

So, we established Beehive. You can’t imagine how excited we are to work with you !

What we stand for ?

Estelle in a nutshell.

Holding a degree in law and a Master’s in Management from Solvay Business School.

I began my career as a legal advisor in the banking sector. I then transitioned into the world of consulting as a Business Manager, focusing on business development, recruitment, and project management, eventually becoming the Managing Partner of a new BE-FR-LUX subsidiary within an international consulting company.

For nearly 10 years, I have been supporting and advising my clients across various industries, helping them improve their commercial performance and boost their business. Throughout these years, I have contributed to generating nearly 10 million euros in revenue for the companies I’ve collaborated with.

It was time for me to establish my own company and work in alignment with my values, allowing me to further empower businesses while staying true to my principles.

As a free-spirited, creative, and entrepreneurial individual, I am decidedly results & human-oriented. My superpower: emotional intelligence.

Passionate traveler and sports enthusiast, I have been practicing surfing for several years in various countries.

Estelle Vanderhaegen
Beehive's Founder & Business Growth Expert

My mission: to make my customers feel valued and truly understood by making them succeed.


Our location.

We are based in Brussels

Working mainly in Belgium – France – Luxembourg
Around the world remotely

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