Unlock the full potential of your business

We help you to build and implement a powerful sales & marketing strategy to empower your company at every stage of your growth

Attract, convert and retain more clients to make your business grow.

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What’s your project ?

This is how we work

We don’t just provide solutions – we co-create them with you.

We work collaboratively to develop tailored solutions that make sense and produce results.




We offer an external perspective for a clear understanding of your current situation, enabling us to provide an accurate diagnostic and a customized action plan to help you achieve success.


We work collaboratively with you to develop the best strategy to achieve your business objectives, taking into account your current position, strengths, and opportunities for growth.


We work with you to bring your strategy to life, providing expert support to ensure successful execution. We are committed to drive sustainable growth and achieve your goals.


Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the initial setup.    We provide ongoing performance tracking and follow-up to ensure continued success and optimize results.

Who we are.

We are sales & marketing experts, consultants and coaches focusing on people, working together for your sales success.

We wake up every day with a single goal: help you build a sales department that is effective for your customers and motivates your teams. Our customer-centric approach is based on active comprehension of your needs & objectives, coupled with the comprehension of your market and customers in order to create the right solution.

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« I created beehive as a « one-stop-shop » in sales, marketing and customer experience to make our client’s life easier »

Estelle Vanderhaegen – Beehive CEO

What we do.

We help you to create a strong sales & marketing strategy to attract, convert and retain your customers

We’re sales experts, consultants & coaches committed to your sales success and creating exceptional customer experiences. We begin by conducting a comprehensive audit of your department and assessing your teams to tailor our range of services to your specific needs and objectives.

Our ultimate goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve the highest levels of performance and autonomy.

Whether you’re seeking to promote your services, attract new customers, explore new markets, implement a CRM, deploy sales automation, improve your conversion rates, or enhance your customers’ experiences, we have the right solutions to help you succeed!

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